Stupid IE won't let my link a <button> --??

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Grr. Firefox, Safari and Chrome all do fine with this code; click the button and go to Yahoo. IE just sits there like an idiot.

Is there any way to make this work? My site has all these fantastic CSS-styled buttons that I want to use like this... it's all flawless. Except for stupid IE.

<a href=''>
   <button type='button' alt='go to Yahoo'>go to Yahoo</button>


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You can use the onClick event to change the window.location.  This will work in IE.
<button type='button' alt='go to Yahoo' onClick="javascript:window.location='';">go to Yahoo</button>

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So there's no way to get my code that I posted to work? (I'd prefer to not use onclick, for other reasons, if possible.)


(For example: I can't add "target='_new'" to a <button> tag...)
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I do not believe there is a way to make you code work in IE.  You can open the page in a new window using in place of window.location
<button type='button' alt='go to Yahoo' onClick="'');">go to Yahoo</button>

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IE does not like the button tag so the code you posted will not work in IE.  You have a few options.  

1.  You can use the JavaScript that jrtwig posted above

2.  Use CSS to create something that looks like a button.  See the accepted solution here:

3.  Use a server side language like php to redirect on submit.



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