What's the best way to install a virtual server on existing physical Server 2008

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Hi - I have SBS 2008 Premium Edition installed on a physical server. I would like to have a virtual server running Server 2003 hosted on this SBS 2008 server.  Assuming I have all the media and licenses, what do I have to configure or install on the SBS 2008 box to have it host a virtual server running Server 2003?  I have used Virtual PC and VMWare workstation so I have a little experience but I can't figure out how to get started on using SBS 2008 as a host for a Server 2003 vm. Thanks!
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Microsoft Hyper-V

--SBS 2008 is not supported as the host.  As a guest VM, yes.

--see page 25
--SBS 2008 not mentioned, but supports SBS 2003R2 & every flavor of Server 2008 except "Core"

No date of publication on the guide, so it could be that SBS 2008 had not been released yet.

No definitive answer that I can find.

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