How can I bring an Acrobat 9 Pro form field in front of another form field?

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I have two form fields and I want them positioned so that the smaller one is in front of the larger one. It doesn't seem to matter in what order I add them because no matter what I do, the one I want in front always lands in back. I cannot find a way to order the "stack". On most programs I have used that allow overlapping boxes (fields), there are right-click options to "bring forward" or "send back".
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Select "Forms>Add or Edit Fields" - then arrange the fields by dragging and dropping them in the list on the left side. The form fields that come later are drawn after the ones that are earlier in the list.

However, that will also change the tab order.


Perfect! That has bugged me for quite a while and I could never find any reference to that procedure in the help files.

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