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I am a programmer and want to start doing web design so I can do the FULL process of a web site development.

I want to gain knowledge and experience on the best web site design techniques, tools, and technology.

If I need to buy a package I will so I can do Rapid Application Development.

Should I use Flash/JavaScript/Wix?
Should I use a form builder?
How to I create images?

I want to be able to dynamically control the presentation.
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Smashing Magazine has a good tutorials round up. Here's the link
Tutorials Round-Up: Ajax, CSS, PHP and More
Its been years doing web development and i started of from scratch & my guru was and is the internet.

For developing a webpage which is most basic requirement for any kind of web development you need to learn HTML. This is a must cause without html you cannot procede further. You can learn pure html coding which really helps. For immediately starting to make webpages with minimal knowledge you can use dreamweaver. Its the best GUI based web development software for html & css. CSS is used for formatting and styling of your webpage.

For images & graphics, your basic need is a photo editor.. the most commonly and most professional on is Adobe Photoshop. If you need to create graphics then Corel or Adobe Illustrator. That would help you edit & put attractive images on the website.

Adobe flash gives you ability to do great stuff with animations. You can make an entire website in flash if youre really good at it. Wonderful effects can be created.

Javascript is very important to give dynamic functionality to your webside at the user end. Ajax is very popular these days for giving very cool effects to web pages without using flash. You can use it to create slidshows etc. Ajax is also used to load data into a webpage without reloading the entire page.

Then come the scripting languages like php , asp, asp.net for server side programs which process information / interact with data / databases & output the results or reports to your browser as per your need.

For dynamic content based website you need to use the above server side scripting to interact with the database and display or manipalate the data.

You can check out Adobe website for all the excellent software for web development.

and the below link is a good place to start

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