"Load of property 'OutputPath' failed" Error

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When trying to build a solution in Visual Studio 2003, I receive this error:

"Load of property 'OutputPath' failed.  The 'Output Path' must be under the project folder."

The OutputPath property of the project is set to the "bin\debug" folder which exists in the project directory.

What causes this error?
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Are you using source control - in which case maybe the folder is locked?

Otherwise some reference seems to have been messed up somewhere - could spend a long time trying to find the problem - or it may be simpler just to recreate the project again.


Yes, the project is in a TortoiseHg source control directory.

However, "bin" and "obj" are the only folders in the project that are NOT under source control.
Only time I have seen this is when it was already under source control but locked, hmm is it just co-incedence that it is not under source control. I wouldn't have thought it would matter but VS can be funny. Maybe try putting it under source control - and seeing if it is related. Or taking the project out of source control completely and see if you still have the problem, I would guess not - but atleast might get a pointer to what is causing the problem.
try out below points
1. check your build configuration. build path differ with build configuration
2. goto actual .sol file and open the xml. cross-check if xml is getting update correctly


The problem was a result of having a multiple project solution with multiple dependencies. One of the shared assemblies wasn't getting updated properly.

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