problem with folder redirection in windows sbs 2008

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My folder redirection is not working in windows sbs 2008.  When I first set it up, and used the sbs console to create folder redirection for a few users, it created subfolders for each of them.  After attempting to fix another problem (getting files to sync up in folder redirection), my folder redirection was not working.  I may have messed something up.  Then, I tried deleting the folders, unapplying the users and tried to start over, but now it will not even create the subfolders like it did before.  I tried an article that I found here (, but the problem still persists.  Begging for help.
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I would like to get a clear picture of what has happened before I can help.

1. Folder redirection can get tattoed in the registry: and if it is so (and if the new path is also old location), the machine will think that the policy is not accessible (as you have deleted the profiles) and will load cached profile of the user (which is by default enabled when you apply folder redirection).
2. Check this location:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ User Shell Folders

This location contains the path to the profile folders. You can manuall change the location if you want (if new location is different from old location)




Thank you for the response.  I ended up leaving the server and decided to start again in the morning.  I am almost thinking that I'm just going to rebuild it completely again and start over.  I will check it and let you know the answer, though.
I would say try to troubleshoot a bit more before you decide to rebuild the server. You can take you can get help from a lot of experts here... after all rebuilding should be the last resort...

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