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johnsondata1 used Ask the Experts™
I have a client using SBS 2008. ie they have Exchange 2007.

They handle different projects for different clients and when the project is complete. they wish to archive the outlook folder which was used to manage that particular project.

I am looking for a semi automated method to complete this. I do not want to use the Microsoft Outlook archiving method as it is too clumsy.

requirements/wish list
operate from within Outlook 2007
copy the entire folder. ie emails with attachments, to an external database or pst file and/or CD drive
delete the folder and emails from outlook
I do not want to store every email which comes into echange in the archive (as some third party products do) only specific folders.
to be able to handle large attachments, these projects include dwg and pdf files
I do not want a document management system (they already have one), just an archiving system

nice to have
be able to view the archived email from within outlook.

Has anyone had experience with this type of request, either scripting or third party app
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Hello johnsondata1,

Try this product :

You can choose which folders to archive.
Archived is done in a flat file or MS SQL database.
Easy to browse and read old email.

Thanks leakim971

GFI were the first people I called. I am a believer in all GFI products, but their mail archiver only works on all incoming mail to the exchange server. You cannot add random folders only.
Top Expert 2014

Please have a look to the demo of this product (if you don't already know it ;-)

(link in the middle)


Thanks leakim971
I'll read more and maybe test
Have you tried it yourself?
Top Expert 2014

No, sorry. I've been contacted by Quest partner but never reach to donwload the right trial. Perhaps you will have more luck.
But, I found, all Quest product, I tried or buy, "incredibles", it's my favourite editor.

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