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So, after EIGHTY SEVEN MINUTES, 8 different representatives and not ONE single attempt at troubleshooting the problem (just an endless series of bouncing) culminated by a monkey that pushed the wrong button and disconnected the call, I bring this to people who actually have a friggin' clue.

I bought a docking statnio (part 430-3114) for an E6500 laptop.  I bought 2 monitors.

ALL I want this thing to do is for the 2 monitors to serve as an extended display, and the display on the laptop to go dark so I can shut the laptop when it's docked.  That's it.  Unfortunately, the best I can get this thing to do is to extend the display from the laptop display to the 2nd display.  The monitor plugged into the first DVI port will not take a display no matter what I try.  Both monitors are plugged into DVI ports in the back of the docking station.  Both are securely fastened.  Neither monitor is broken.

I've used the built-in display adjuster within Windows XP as well as the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator driver that's in the laptop.  No joy.  They won't even recognize there is a 2nd monitor.

Research online shows that I'm far from the first person to run into this problem, but nobody says how to fix it.  So.....how do I fix it?
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On this particular laptop, you cannot do it.  Plain and simple.  You have 2 video outputs, I understand that, but your machine doesnt know how to extend it.  The best it is gonna get is you using your laptop screen extended over to another monitor.  The reason this is happening, and im sorry if I lose you here,  is because you have an option (fn + ?) that when pressed moves the display onto another monitor. Your graphics cards knows either how to mirror the display onto a secondary monitor, or how to extend the display to another monitor.  I wish I could tell you different, but I have run into this problem quite often.
First suggestion, for the monitor that isn't working, try reducing the colors to 16bit. I found one person that was able to get theirs going by doing that.

 I have a Lenovo with the same setup.  One thing I know about mine is that my dvi out will only work with the higher end nVidia and ATi graphics chips, and not the Intel graphics models.

If the changing the color settings doesn't work, I think that because you have Intel graphics, the 2nd DVI out is not going to work for you.


OK I'll try plugging into the VGA output with the other monitor when I get to work today.

So I guess my followup question is:  If the 2 DVI ports won' work...why does Dell sell this docking station with 2 DVI inputs, marketing it as a 2-screen solution for my laptop?  This particular model only had a couple of docking options, and I chose this one specifically for the dual inputs.

Your model laptop was surely offered in a bunch of different configurations, including either ATi or nVidia graphics.  The dock is not made for your specific laptop, but rather your series of laptops. The "E" series. The page below specifies that it is for "select" models.



I'm granting the points here as it's closest to what I ultimately ended up doing, although this wasn't exactly it.

What I ended up doing was simply plugging one of the displays into the VGA port, and now it extends.  THough every time I reboot the machine, I have to re-configure it.  

Next I'll be emailing Dell and explaining exactly why a cheap order like this ended up costing them an enterprise account to HP.  Ahh the joys of power.

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