How to configure a Dell Powerconnect switch with BootDHCPrelay to allow for multiple redundant DHCP Servers

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Hi Everyone,
 I am in the process of setting up a new network segment and configuring DHCP.  I have already set up DHCP on one of my 2008 Servers and set up bootdhcp relay on the powerconnect switchers by running the following commands:

 bootpdhcprelay enable
 bootpdhcprelay serverip ip-address

The problem I have now is that I would like to set up an additional DHCP server for redundancy purposes and use the good old 80 - 20 rule but I am unsure how to configure this and achieve this on the Dell PowerConnect 6224 switches that I am using.?

If anyone could please advise or assit me on how to configure the bootdhcprelay  for multiple DHCP servers I woulld be grealt appreciative.
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That's only half the challenge.  You need to have the DHCP servers talking to each other as well so they know which leases have been given out...  
To forward DHCP requests to the second server just add another bootpdhcprelay serverip ip-address statement to the config.


Great thanks for the advise guys. I got it working and with regard to the DHCP Servers talking to each other I simple configured them with different scopes that don't overlap.

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