Is it possible to enlarge old DOS applications running on Windows XP for easier viewing?

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I have installed several old DOS-based applications for a client on her Windows XP computer.  They install and run fine.  However, they run in a small window.  Clicking on the maximize button does nothing.  Is there a way to force these apps to open in bigger windows for easier viewing?  Thanks so much for your help!
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You can either set bigger font for DOS window (click on window menu and Properties) or you can also press ALT+ENTER for a full screen view.


You can change the font to larger size for the DOS window, this will do both enlarge the window and get advantage of this new size

pcelba;sorry for douplicate, the answer was written before I see your post ,
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Right click on the window title bar, choose Properties. go to Layout tab, and you could adjust the window size there.
Change the font may help too, as pcelba and fryezz have pointed out
Jackie Man IT Manager
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I attach a screenshot regarding the comment from trungnt8.

Vista will remember the screen size after you have changed the setting at once.
Danny ChildIT Manager

Alternatively, setting the entire screen to a lower resolution will make the window bigger, but it's a bit overkill.
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if you right click the title bar -  is there not an option : change format ?
ALT+Enter is the best way

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