watcguard firebox 700 reset procedure

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I have a firebox 700 with the ver 8.0 firmware. Password was lost.
I try to start the Firebox in safe mode and run wsm 7.5 but I cannot access the firebox.I'm able to ping it from the pc connected to it but the quick setup wizard cannot access.The error says to be sure the firebox supports "hands free installation"

How can I reset and access the firebox?
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which type of cable you connected ?


lan strt crimped?

cross crimped?
Is this Fireware? Or WFS?

If you are using WFS you just open policy manager but DO NOT connect with system manager. Select Save>To Firebox, enter the RW passphrase and save a full flash image so you can then declare new passwords for the RO and RW.

If Fireware, just use the change passphrases menu item, all you need is the RW to change them.

Note - above procedure if u lost read only password not admin password.



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i DON'T HAVE ANY PASSWORDS.All passwords were lost.
I tryed to download wsm7.5(I cannot find wsm 8) .I ran quick setup wizard and I got the error I post in the body of my question.
Any newer ver of wsm(9, 10 etc) it will not work with the firebox because the firmware ver is 8.0
admin password? read only password?
it is fireware pro 8.0 rite?
if you want i have WatchGuard® System Manager 8.3
if you have valid license you can download it from web
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Following procedure is written in the above blog post's comments :

You must have the Management Software istalled.

Connect directly to the Trusted port using a cross over cable with a static IP or 192.168.253.xxx Not .1

1 Unplug power from firebox.
2 Push and Hold reset button.
3 Plugin power to firebox.
4 Wait for red light and flashing triangle.
5.Use the Quick Setup Wizard to re-Configure the unit. Default IP
6.Default password will be shown during setup and you will get to change it.
7. Change your IP Rang accordingly if you change Trusted network Ip Settings. (DHCP is not enabled be default)
8.Use Policy Manager to configure firewall.
9.Expect reboots and 4 min down time for reboots. (I counted it on my 1000)

There is a Student manual floating around out there. Get it! it helps.

DaveLChgo said:
*** CAUTION ***
This will wipe out all of your settings on the firebox and set them to factory defaults.

1 Unplug power from firebox.
2 Push and Hold reset button.
3 Plugin power to firebox.
4 Wait for red light to come on and go off.
5 Release reset button.
6 Unplug power.
7 Plugin power.

Now Iam doing this from memory so steps 4 and 5 might be….
4 Wait for red light to come on.
5 Release reset button and wait for red light to go off.

This should allow you to reset -

From the watchguard support :

If you have a configuration problem that you cannot correct, you can restore the factory default settings and start with a new configuration file. For example, if you do not know the administrator account passphrase or if a power interruption causes damage to the Firebox appliance software, you can restore the Firebox to the factory default settings and build your configuration again.

To restore the Edge e-Series to the factory default settings:

Disconnect the power supply.
Hold down the Reset button on the back of the Edge.
Continue to hold down the Reset button, and connect the power supply.
Hold down the Reset button. When the yellow Attn light stays lit, the Edge was successfully restored to the factory default settings.
This process can take 45 seconds or more.
Release the Reset button.
Do not try to connect to the Edge at this time. Before you can connect to the Edge, you must start it one more time. If you do not, when you try to connect to the Edge a web page appears with this message: Your WatchGuard Firebox X Edge is running from a backup copy of firmware. You could also see this message if the Reset button is stuck in the depressed position. If you continue to see this page, check the Reset button, and start the Edge again.
Disconnect the power supply.
Connect the power supply again.
The Power Indicator lights and your Edge is reset.
After you reset the Firebox to the factory default configuration, you can use the quick setup wizard to create a basic configuration or to restore a saved backup image to the Firebox.

To start the Web Setup Wizard:

Open a web browser and type the factory default IP address of interface 1. For a Firebox X Edge e-Series, the address is:
Log in with the default administrator account credentials:
Username: admin
Passphrase: readwrite

please check the firebox display whether it is booting SYSB mode

please confirm once it booted sysb mode then run quick setup
finally got some information

FYI - you have a FB X700. The correct model number is important.
V8.0 is Fireware.
V7.5 is WFS.
These are two incompatible OSes.
Since you are running Fireware, you need to install a Fireware version on your FB or you need to
run FBXinstall to downgrade your FB to WFS.
Reset a Firebox if you cannot connect to it with the Quick Setup Wizard [WSM/Fireware 9.1]
Top Expert 2007

Please have a look at the link below to reset a FB III 700 to factory defaults [please note you would loose all current settings, but after you have restored connectivity to the box you can load old configuration file using the same version in which it was created]


To restore old configuration file.
Open the old configuration file in the same version it was created, save to firebox.

Please update if you need more details.

Thank you.


Guys as i said in my questions , i do not have any password for the FB X700 and i cannot use wsm to save or connect to FB.The ver of the firmware is 8.0

I cannot use wsm 8.3 and above software (FB has an older firmware)

When i try quick setup wizard fromwsm 7.5 I get an error " be sure the FB supports "hands free installation"

I do not have wsm 8.0 . The license I have are for 7.5, 8.3, 9 and above

Top Expert 2007

As you were using ver 8; it would be advisable to use 8.3 and not 7.5.

As you have lost password, you can reset FB to factory default and reconfigure it from scratch [or load previous configuration]; or check with WG support and get version 8.0 from them and reset the unit using version 8.0.

Have a look at link below:

Please update if you need more details.

Thank you.


I di not have wsm 8.0 and looks like the licenses we have are for 7.5, 8.3 and above.
The wsm 8.3 cannot run quicksetup wizard. I got an error message saying the wizard cannot continue on the firebox with 8.0 and i have to run wsm 8.0
Does anybody has wsm 8.0?


On the watchguard website you can download only the wsm you are licensed for.
I spoke to WG tech support and they sent me a link to download wsm 8.0 and I was able to reset the box.

Thank You for your help

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