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I'm installing Vmware ESX but as a company I want data protection.
So I added 3 disk of 1TB add my motherbord DP55WB.
First I created a raid volume, after that i installed esx 4u1, the install went well.
But when I restart there is a problem with loading the grub?
I didn't figured it out, so I deleted the raid volume and set the bios to ahci, reïnstall of esx and everthings works perfect. But how can I fixed this machine so it's in raid and I don't have to worry about my data loss.

Next question I have is about VMotion.
How can I enabled this in my ESX, the license is fine.
But in the sumarize tab it's still N/A.

Thanks a lot.
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Do you only have 1 ESX server or do you have a cluster of them?  You need at least 2 ESX hosts so that you can vmotion VM servers between them.
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What is your hardware make/model? Did you check vmware hcl?
There are few requirements for vmotion, you dont need to setup cluster to do vmotion unless you want to utilize DRS/HA feature but you need at least 2 esx hosts with shared storage(FC SAN, iscsi SAN, NFS) NOT local storage to be able to do vmotion
Network requirement must at least giga NIC
Most important CPU on source & destination server must be from the same family & vendor(Intel or AMD)
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The issue is thatt your raid controller is onboard and is basically software raid, some refer to as "fake raid" Because ESXi requires a true hardware radi controller as noted by ryder above it will not see the RAID you setup in the bios.  You probably have a ICH9 or similar onboard radi controller and this is normal for this type of hardware.  If you want it to see raid you will need to get a hardware raid controller



Okay thank you all for the information.
So If i want raid and data protection i have to get a raid controller card.

About the VMotion, yes i have multiple (3) esxi servers, and want to set them in a cluster.
The problem I think is they don't have shared storage, the have all local storage.
So I have to get SAN or NFS, can i convert one esxi server to a SAN or NFS where all the data will be stored? Then I can get one raid controller for this machine and don't have to buy 3 controllers.
Is this a good option ?

Thanks a lot.

Paul SolovyovskySenior IT Advisor
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For vMotion you will need to have shared storage.  If you want the ESXi OS to be on a raid volume on the ESXi hosts that is the best solution but you can also run ESXi off of a USB stick.  If it fails you can re-install in a few minutes.  Just remember for vmotion, HA you will need to purchase vCenter for live vmotion, otherwise you will need to shutdown the VM to migrate

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