Forgotten Linksys rv042 vpn router password

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I have a customer with a Linksys rv042 vpn router.  This router is already configured with a vpn and has a few ports open to receive data from other locations.  We are looking to setup one more location for access but do not have the password to his router.  Is there a way to get access to the router without resetting to the default settings.  We cannot lose the information already in there.  

Thank you.
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If the password cannot be recalled, Linksys solution is to RESET to factory settings and re-input data
(I know that's not what youwant to hear, sorry).

Hold reset button for 30 seconds.

Just curious,

Did you try
UserName 'admin'
pw 'admin'

Just in case there wasn't a unique password created?
No, there's no way to do that.   You wouldn't want to be able to do that, really..  That would be a TREMENDOUS security risk if you could reset the password without wiping the configuration.  

Page 25, for the PDF I have or Chapter 6 it states the following in ()

Note: The password cannot be recovered if it is lost or forgotten. If the password is lost or forgotten, you have to reset the Router to its factory default settings.

Fairly common practice for smaller business cost devices - wish there was better news.

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