Setting permissions in VMware ESXi

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I have ESXi 4.0 & manage it with vSphere client.

I been trying to set permissions for different users & groups but nothing seems to happen. I click add permissions to a VM & then add a user or group but nowhere seems to record I have added anything. There is also a permissions tab but I can not seem to find any reason to use it.

I am just wondering can you give User1 access to VM1 while deny User2 & how you would do that?
Would also like to be able to give User 2 & User1 access to VM2.
On VM3 I would like User2 to be able to do everything to it but I do not want User1 to be able to change any settings to the VM but must be able to power it off/on.
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nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.

Yo need to:
  • use the permissions tab when connected to your ESXi Host
  • CLick on users and groups
  • right click in the window
  • click on add user
  • add a user name
  • Click on a guest
  • Click on the permissions tab
  • right click in the window
  • Click on add permission
  • Click on add
  • Select the user you created earlier
  • Click on OK
  • Select your permissions


I cant seem to tick the boxes

all i can do with them is have everything tick or nothing


So far I have this

User1 can access VM1 with full control but can only view on all other VMs and ESXi server. Can not open consoles with any VMs apart from VM1.

This is good but he need to be able to power on/off VM3 but is not allow to make any other changes to it.

How can I select tick boxes?
There are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.
You need to create a new role.
  1. Go to your vsphere client home page
  2. Click on Roles
  3. Add a role
  4. Give it a name
  5. I think you can figure out the rest from here.
  6. Now Apply my previous steps http:#26434422


i will get back to you on monday

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