export from oracle with toad using colsep

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I have been using this tab formatting without problem using Toad version 9.  I can spool to a file with xls extension and open it as a perfectly formatted excel file

col TAB# new_value TAB NOPRINT
select chr(9) TAB# from dual;
set feed off
set linesize 2000
set pagesize 50000
set heading on
set colsep '&TAB'

Now with an upgrade to Toad 10, the colsep is no longer recognized in the output; the columns are not separated at all.  The script has not changed.  Could there be some setting in Toad that is overriding my designated formatting?
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Not a Toad person so I can't help with that directly.

The old-school way was to just concatenate the columns:

select col1 || chr(9) || col2 ...
I have tried running the sample code in both Toad and and in both cases the file loaded into excel is treated as having a single value, not multiple values (one to each cell) i.e. the tab is being ignored!
I always use comma-delimited fields when I want to create a csv file to display correctly in Excell.
I figured it out in the meantime.  The csv with comma delimiter works but I had to apply more formatting solutions to retain leading zeros in some fields when opened in Excel and handle field that also contain commas.  I would still like to know what happened with the two Toad versions, but I have a solution now.

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