Does MCI standard work well in Vista and Windows 7 ?

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I’m a professional  programmer and now I need to create audio player. I need to play .WAV and MP3 files. And I need to do my app with VB6.
My test show that I can use MCI standard (Multimedia Control Interface). I’m interesting, will this standard support for new OS like Vista and Windows 7 ? I know that new standsrd is OpenAL, but I have no found source code for VB6 and he has much more futures that I need in fact.
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VB6 is "supported" in Vista and Windows 7, but there is no guarantee of support in future OSs.  By supported, this means that Microsoft are not in fact supporting it (i.e. won't respond to any support requests), but have included the runtimes and ensured that VB6 programs are still operable (though some do still need updating for the later OSs).

If you are starting to develop a program now, and your target OS is Vista or 7, you are advised not to use VB6.  VB6 was only included by Microsoft due to the huge number of software implementations using the language - in early versions of Vista, it wasn't supported.  You'd be best looking at .Net for new programs - it and it's framework will be supported in the future.

If you are definite about developing in VB6, then you need to have a test Windows 7 machine to ensure compatibilty.  I know many VB6 programs that fail in Vista and above due to lax (but common) programming practises.


Thanks, but my aks is not for VB6. it is for about MCI standart - will this standart will be support in the future, or not ?

P.S: VB6 will be live still 10 years in the next Windows is not VB6 fail under Vista, it is fail beacuse some restristion about where you can save files created from you application and where you can save in registry and others ...
Yes, VB6 support is still there under Vista and Windows 7, as I said - but future support is uncertain - it is not guaranteed in future versions of Windows.  Moreover, the IDE is now out of extended support (and has been since 2008).  The runtime is only under extended support until 2013 (it is also out of mainstream support).  After 2013, support will not be available - which casts doubt on support in future OSs (see

The Multimedia Control Interface is aimed specifically at VB6 ( - this means its future support is also uncertain.  It is provided in mci32.ocx - this is currently listed on the VB6 support page for distribution with applications, which means it is supported in Windows Vista and Windows 7.  Future support cannot be taken for granted however.


10x for information. I understand situation and will use it. For sorry this module is only 1/10 part of all system and I can not rewrite all software system . I read link and see that will work under Windows 7 - this is quite enough for me.

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