8-port linksys wireless N router

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I have a client who is currently running their network/wireless on a 4-port linksys wireless N router and would like to upgrade to something with more than 4-ports.
Can someone recommend another device within Linksys hardware family?

Also, would it make a difference if one of the pc's has a 802.11b card instead of 802.11n card?
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Good choice with linksys, although, the the new router/switch's range from linksys is all 4 port ethernet.

So you have a few options

1. Daisy chain a switch to give your network some extra ports, You could use a linksys switch if desired. This will be your simplest and cheapest way.

2. Use another brand, the choice is huge. I know alot of the netgear "pro" stuff, is setup for small business, that has wireless, routing, small switch all built into a box.

3. Move into the Cisco small business area. Allthough they also dont support "8 port wireless routers" so you would have to get a small business router/switch with an access point

Depending on the wireless kit you buy, most of the domestic routers have "mixed mode" so that you can still use your legacy 802.11b devices. Although I would look at upgrading it to at least 802.11g, as the b client could hinder performance of other users.


What about it they have a wireless N router and an access point, Can I still daisy chain these two.  The N router seems to be running the wireless network at the time, and I believe someone gave the other router a ip address.  The router that is running the wireless N network is

As far as "daisy chaining", how do I daisy chain this.  Please use lamen terms so I can make this happen ASAP.

Thanks for your help.
yes you could, but makes no sense.

 I would simply buy a bigger network switch.
 Keep your current router (wireless), and you simple plug a cable into the back of the router (wireless) and then plug the other end of that cable into a port on the switch, and immediately every port on that switch acts like a extension of the 4 ports on your router (wireless)

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