What is the best way to migrate settings into redirected folders?

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I am currently changing our server from one machine running windows server 2003 to a new server with windows sbs 2008 loaded. Our original server had all the users (all desktop users) as roaming profiles (because I did not know any better).  Now, I realize after very long login times for the past few months that redirected folders is a much better solution with desktops.  So, I want to set up the new server with redirected folders.  I have alread ran the "Transfer Files and Settings Wizard" on all of the user's profiles.  

My question is this.  When I set up the new server with redirected folders and then run the Wizard again to bring in their files and settings, will the server automatically upload their files and settings from their local data store to the network data store and then allow them to access it off the server from then on.  Or will I need to do something else to get the data to upload into their network profile?  I am looking for the quickest solution because I have already spent too much time on this project.  Thanks.
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Hello ,

In case you have to put in the data to the server first and then have to do the folder redirection then you have to select the Advance mode under the Folder Redirection and have to put in the Share name where Users should have there data it should be some thing like \\servername\sharename\%Username% .

As You already have the backup of the data then you should select the option to Redirect To The Following Location, the folder is redirected to a location that you specify.

Force the Group Policy and login and logoff the User 2 times as its required,then check the Rsop.msc for any issues.

Let us know in case you face any issues .

Thanks .


How would I put the data into the server first?  The only way that i know to put the data in is by logging into a client machine and running the "File and Settings Transfer Wizard."

I don't know for sure if this will work, but I was thinking that I could set them up first.  Then, do folder redirection.  Then, log into the blank profiles on the client machines a few times.  Then, manually  set their documents and desktops to be offline files.  Then, do run the wizard to bring in their data.  Would that work?  And is that the best solution?

As this is SBS I Would say first make sure all the Client machines have Complete Profile Including all the Folders for all the Users which you want to Redirect  and then configure the folder redirection from the SBS 2008 Wizard .Also make sure that there should not be any Group Polcy or setting for the Romming Profile on the server now .You can follow the following Steps :-

To enable folder redirection Destination Server
1.On the Destination Server, open the Windows SBS Console.

2.Click Continue in the User Account Control dialog box.

3.In the navigation bar, click the Users and Groups tab

4.Click Redirect user account’s folders to the server in the Task pane.

5.In the Folder Redirection Properties dialog box, on the Folder Names tab, select the folders that you want to redirect to the server.

6.Click the User Accounts tab, select the user account names for the folders that you want to redirect to the server, and then click OK.
Force the Group Policy and logoff and login the Clients again .

Thanks .

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