IP does not resolve to the hostname. Need to setup PTR record.

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NSlookup does not resolve the DNS name by just typing nslookup. The message returned is, ''can't find server name for address Non existant domain. However, If I enter nslookup server2 it returns: server: server2.companyname.com Address  How do I setup a PTR record to have the IP resolve to the hostname?  Thanks in advance for your interest.  Michael

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For you Internal LAN you can make PTR records yourself.  In MS DNS Service create a Reverse Lookup Zone, then you can make your records.
For the internet side, you cannot make PTR records.  You have to contact your ISP and request them to create the PTR record.  The ISP owns the IP address and they have to create the PTR record.


There is already a reverse lookup for subnet with a pointer to the Host name.  Do I set up a second reverse look-up and if so, how?  Thanks.

Please explain 'Do I setup a second reverse look-up'
If the reverse lookup zone is already created, then what do you need/want to do still?
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Do you need for subnet 192.168.111.x?
You can just Right Click in the DNS Reverse Lookup Zones and Add a New Zone.  
if the reverse lookup zone is already created, go into the forward lookup zone for your domain. find the host 'a' record that corresponds that computer name to that ip address, double-click it, and check the box to update its own ptr record. click apply and you should be good to go.
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Made some correction from my post below

To resolve the NSLOOKUP issue
Delete the existing records with dc name.
Create a blank record in Forward Lookup zone.
Create a A record with DC name
Create a record in reverse lookup zone with the correct IP and point the A record to the DC parent record in the Forward lookup zone.
Now goto Forward lookup zone and edit Name server (NS Record), Click browse in  name server and point the blank parent record in the Forward zone.

That will helps you to work the nslookup...!
You can check that by Right click DNS Server --> Launch NSLOOKUP.

Check this link for full conversation in NSLOOKUP issue and awarded full points:

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