Windows task schedular not running tasks

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Hi Experts,

I have a funny one. I  have a  windows Task which while it says running, the task does not actually run. It will say running forever. Even when I point it to run say mspaint.exe, same thing. Even though I can run the Program from start run, when I put the command line into a Windows task it wont bring up windows paint. Even If I right click and select run.

I have added the administrator account and local service account full rights to the task without luck. When I goto the task log it says

"The task was terminated. This action was initiated either by an administrator or by the Task Scheduler service (because, for example, the computer is now non idle)"

 One other thing. When I try this test on my laptop (Windows 7), then no problems as mspaint.exe comes up perfectly. The problem is happening on 2 different servers running windows server 2003.

Does anyone have any idea what this means?
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When you set the task up, which user account did you use for "Run As"?



The task was set up as the Administrator...

Not sure what the issue was. It seems to be working on and off on.

Did you ensure that the checkboxes in the "Idle Time" panel on the "Settings" tab of the Scheduled Task are both unchecked?

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