Need to know how to create a joined report like my sample and remove duplicate names

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I need to make a report like so I have 3 table, event table, registration Table, Attendee table

I need to join these table and field from the three table and elimate duplicate names.

sample is in the code, please spread the view
(Table 1 event table)					
 Date	        Event Title					
1/28/2010	     Breakfast of Champions 	 	 	 								
(Table 2 &3 Made from the registration table & the Attendee Table)							
Registration	Company	           Company	                Total	Payment	Date              Registered     Attendee
ID	         Name	           Email	                Amount	Status   Registered 	Attendee	      Email
48	        CALTROP Corporation	25	cmp	1/18/2010	         Kerry Morgan
56	        Sensible Environ           50	cmp	1/22/2010 	Robert Sutton
                                                                                             	Christa Johnson
56	        PGAdesign  	         75	cmp	1/25/2010	         Cindy Angers
                                                                                              	Maura Baldwin	                                                                                           Randy Somerday
57	        XYZ Company	         75	cmp	1/25/2010	         Cindy Angers
                                                                                              	Maura Baldwin
                                                                                             	Randy Somerday
58	        Northern Corporation	25	cmp	1/16/2010	         Berry Street

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Systems Analyst
can you give better view of those tables ? like what fields refer to each other, what fields each table has etc..

also i suggest you to ask the mods to add the sql area to this question


Not full yansered

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