Hyper-v cluster on windows server 2008 R2

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Hello experts,
         I want to create hyper-v cluster on windows server 2008 R2 64bit. We have SAN shared storage of 300GB.  I would like to  partition the shared storage equally into 4 LUNs. This SAN supports iSCSI-3. Please guide me from the begining.

Thanks in advance.
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If the whole of the SAN is going to be dedicated to the Hyper-V cluster there is no reason to split it into 4 LUNs. Simply create a 512MB LUN for the Quorum disk and the rest can be configured as a Cluster Shared Volume (CSV).

Vitual Networking:
In my setup each physical server in the cluster has 8 NIC ports.
  • NIC 1 - Host
  • NIC 2 - iSCSI1 (Jumbo Frames enabled)
  • NIC 3 - iSCSI2 (Jumbo Frames enabled)
  • NIC 4 - Live Migration network (Jumbo Frames enabled)
  • NIC 5 - Cluster Heartbeat
  • NIC 6 - Virtual NIC 1
  • NIC 7 - Virtual NIC 2
  • NIC 8 - Virtual NIC 3
Good Luck!
AkhaterSolutions Architect

Completely agree with mdmiddle there is no reason at all dividing into 4 LUNS unless you are not aware of the new CSV feature in R2

just my grain of salt

I would Agree with the LUN's. The only reason you would not want to use cvs at the moment would be the lack of backup options apart from dpm2010 beta. How many nic's have you got on the servers.
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I am aware of CSV. but can I use 4 LUN with CSV?  We are also going to use System Center Data Protection Manager 2007. is there any compatibility issue with single LUN or multiple LUN ? We have 8 NIC on each server.

Yes, you can use 4 LUNs with CSV.  You can create a CSV on each LUN if you like.  In my evironment I'm currently running 3 CSVs (each in it's own 500GB LUN).  Backup vendors are still trying to build CSV compatability into their products, so for now DPM 2010 is the only one I know of that can provide application consistent backups.

Multiple LUNs should not be a problem.


Actually I checked my new servers. They both have 6 NIC. How can I utilize all of them for HA?

I'd just use one for your virtual NICs then.

You could also eliminate the dedicated Live Network NIC, but I've found it to have much better performance than sharing another NIC.  Especially if you enable Jumbo frames on it.


Thanks for the help.

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