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Iam having windows xp professional with sp3 and withl all the updates. system was protected with trendmicro office scan by mistake my sysadmin uninstalled the office scan  at this point in time he has used usb device through this system got affected with the virus PE_SALITY.EK this made all the folders unusabe . by adding the suffix scr to all the folders.  i have an huge data in
this but iam not able to browse the directories. i have done the following workaround
1. installed the officescan from the server and did complete scan shows cleaned but still the same problem.
2. office scan is with the latest updates
3. visited the trend mirco website downloaded the SysClean_PE_SALITY fix tool and also downloaded the latest pattern files and executed the the fix tool after completeion restarted and then run the office scan manually nothing worked .
when  go to cammand prompt and CD iam able to reach many sub directories and see the files but as there is huge data cannot copy the file by file, also tried to do xcopy this is also not happening.
i hav very much important data under the folder project1/data/2009. but the parent folder is renamed as Project1.scr and this has become unusable if try to rename this becomes file as said above iam able to CD to the data from command prompt. please please help me to recover the data . there are lots of sub folders and huge documents . please help. Thanks in advance.

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No recent backups?

Would you have a spare machine to slave that hard drive in and run scanners?
We can try and salvage some data.

Reason for spare machine as sality + possibly virut infections are really bad and infect + destroy a lot of file types.
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Thank you very much. greatest help in my life. thanks again.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT Consultant

So glad it worked for you :D

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