Configure IP address on a MSFC sup 2 card

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I have a Catalyst 6500 switch with an MSFC card.

When I log into the switch and do a "show port status" I see ports 1/1 and 1/2 that are located on the SUP 2 card.

When I enter "sesson 15" and connect to the MSFC card I enter "sh ip interface brief" but all I see is the svi's (vlan interfaces).

How do I see the ip address configuration for ports 1/1 and 1/2 on the MSFC cards?

Also how do you set the ip addresses on those ports?

I am assuming the ports on the MSFC are layer 3 and can have ip addresses put on them.
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Unlike a router, usually you do not assign IP address directly to a port. Some older Catalyst don't even have the option to assign IP addresses to a port. To assign IP address to the MSFC, assign IP address to VLAN and assign VLAN to ports.
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Your 6500 is running in hybrid mode. CatOS is running on the supervisor for layer 2 operations and IOS is running on the MSFC for layer 3 operations. In this situation, the only layer 3 interfaces are the SVI's (VLAN interfaces) on the MSFC. All the physical ports are layer 2 interfaces which cannot have IP addresses.

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