Cisco ASA 5510 NAT setup inside dmz out

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Hey Guy's,

I'm setting up a brand new Cisco ASA 5510 from scratch.  Simple network to begin, but I need help with NAT.

Inside =
Ouside =

I need to be able to ping between Inside and DMZ and any Inside subnet can access any DMZ subnet.  I'm fricking lost!

I setup:

nat (Inside) 1
global (Outside) 1 interface

I haven't enabled nat-control...but I was reading that eventhough that is not enabled once I'm traversing NAT through an interface, I'll have to use static NAT.  I tried
static (DMZ,Inside) netmask
static (Inside,DMZ) netmask
But still no ping nor any IP connectivity

Any help would be greatly appreiated!
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Did you enabled this traffic on the lower security interfaces to inside?
If not this causes the problem

access-list DMZ_access_in extended permit ip
access-group DMZ_access_in in interface DMZ

after that don't forget to 'clear xlate'!

Best regards,

Is this the same question as the other one?

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