how to take hyperterminal value into visual basic6.0 coding ?

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how to take hyperterminal value into visual basic6.0 coding ?

I have typed a value into hyperterminal(win xp->start menu->programs->accessories->commnication->hyperterminal)

if we cannot type directly into hyperterminal because this windows is read only as default, I have typed value into hyperterminal window touching 2 and 3 pin of com port1 of my pc.
Now I want to take that value into visual basic6.0 coding.?
how to take that  value ?

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good afternoon!

u need to have comm port in order to communicate to ur hyperterminal...

i have just answered same related question...

have take a look to this example..(getting data to comm port)

i hope i can give u some idea...

Option Explicit
Dim chrCommInput As String

Private Sub myCommPort_OnComm()
    Dim modemInput As String

    If myCommPort.CommEvent = comEvReceive Then
        modemInput = myCommPort.Input
        If Len(modemInput) > 0 Then
            If Asc(modemInput) = 13 Or Asc(modemInput) = 10 Then
                If Asc(modemInput) = 10 Then
                    Debug.Print chrModemLine & "*"
                    MsgBox "This is the comm data:" & UCase(chrModemLine)
                End If
                If Asc(modemInput) >= 32 And Asc(modemInput) <= 126 Then
                    chrCommInput = chrCommInput & modemInput
                ElseIf Asc(modemInput) = 26 Then
                    chrModemLine = chrCommInput & " "
                End If
            End If
        End If
    End If
End Sub

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