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So I finally got the time to "trial" the wireless policy and it works great in that it defines the network SSIDs. I do have 1 question though, is there somewhere I can put in the WPA key?

We're currently using Netgear WAG102 access points and they are set to WPA-PSK and TKIP.

If I remove the policy, the laptop will connect. Once I add the policy I can no longer obtain an IP address.
I should clarify, it will connect once I enter in the WPA key without the wireless policy. With the policy, it will not obtain an IP after entering the WPA key.

My previous question was here:
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You choose which authentication and encryption you need in the Wireless GPO setting.
do you intend to deploy 802.1x with radius authentication or use a PSK?
see attached picture - but pic is old, and from (Do not use WEP keys !!)
forgot image


I was not planning on RADIUS, only using WPA with a pre-shared key. The issue I was having is that although I typed in the PSK into the client, it still would not connect. Could it be in the 802.1x settings that I'm doing something wrong?

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