how to isolate an admin access to only 1 server

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we have 1 win 2003 server that is not a part of the domain.  but its in the same IP range.
DMZ is not an option for us, but we would prefer it that when the user (a/local admin previligdes) logs in, that they do not see any other node on the same network, wether its thru shares (private or otherwsie) or even ping the other nodes.

in a nut-shell we want this 1 server to be isolated.

is this possible?
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you can use W2k8 for this, disallow network browsing via policy . I dont now exactly if this works for W2k3 too.

Jason WatkinsIT Project Leader


What is this server doing? Disabling File and Printer Sharing would take care of that, but it would also disable all shares too.

Disabling NetBIOS over TCP/IP will make the server difficult to find on the LAN.
Placing the server in a different WORKGROUP will stop casual browsing through My Network Places/Network Neighborhood.
Firewall exceptions, or the lack therof, will have the machine not respond to PING packets.
>in a nut-shell we want this 1 server to be isolated.

Put it in a different IP subnet range.  If it's only parked there for internet access (like a co-location), then you only need to route from firewall to this new private LAN.

If you don't have a core router to do this, you can still accomplish it with a cheap Linksys or other router.  Disable the wireless on Router 2, of course.


thank you for the diagram

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