Maxell DVD+R   8x 4.7 gb RW Unable to burn to disks

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Over the last year I bought 2 packs of 50 Maxell DVD+R   8x 4.7 gb RW. I cannot for the life of me get these to burn anything. Not data not video and not files. I get "please use a writable disk in the drive" all the time. Do I need to format these DVDs before I use them. I believe they are already formatted but I could be wrong.  I use the best Nero software Windows 7 Pro and some freeware software to attempt to burn with. I also use some very new burners and some a burners just a few years old. I can burn a CD not problem but not these. i can also burn with DVD-R. Can you advise me what I need to do with these DVDs to utilize them. I bought them from 2 different store locations 2 different named stores. Any help is as always appreciated. Thank you.
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First step

Second step

Remove Nero

Third step

Get either IMGBurn
or CDBurnerXP

Both are free and excellent.  Good tutorials can be found on both sites.

Test and see if the burning problem has been fixed.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer
It is remotely possible that all the burners you've tried are not DVD+ compatible.  Check the front of the drive to see that there is a DVD+ logo showing.
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Several of them do have a "Plus +" sympbol on them. One is after the DVD the others do have a" Plus +" somewhere on the unit. However here is the name of one of the unitsTSSTcorp  CDDVDW SH-S223F ATA Device
The other is a Sony DVD+RW. Neither of which will burn these disks. I am going to download the burning software mentioned above and test that out.
It seems that most of the DVD burners have a + on them somewhere. That was a good place to look and I had not so thank you for reminding me to look. So if it has a plus on it anywhere that shoulld mean that it writes to DVD+R s?
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>> So if it has a plus on it anywhere that should mean that it writes to DVD+R s?

In nero use Erase, also once you have burnt the discs
only use your Nero to erase them again.
Why  dbrunton: suggests to remove Nero beats me
It's a problem with your burner.
When you insert the DVD does it ask you what you want to do?<<No?
When you start a burn does it offer to format it?<<<No?
Its that simple, if you're not seeing this then maybe a compatibility issue
as mentioned we need to confirm if your DVD writer supports the DVD+rw
here's the tool
all DVD+rw have to be formatted first even from new never been used.
from my own experience anyway
DVD-RW dont seem to need this but I would anyway
Always finalise them as well if you wish to use on standard dvd players.
Drive Cannot Write to Writable Discs (Windows 7)
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  1. RSServer readings. Looks like I cannot read these but I can write to the dvds
  2. CrystalMobil reading looks like the same for both?
HI, From what i see does look as though your dvd writer supports writing to DVD+RW and reading the.
So must be the discs themselves.
I have found that sometimes DVD+RW I have burnt will not play on another system.
So the only advise I can finalise here here is use the most reliable DVD, best quality
the one I use is Phillips DVD-RW over Phillips +RW
Also i se your drive is Atapi /  ide
Ensure this Maxtor is connected as the master slave
preferred connection is the slave ide ribbon  on the first pin.
The jumper is set to master.
If it's behind the hard drive may cause issues with the burning Software since it requires the burner be the master slave.
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Thank you guys. The points rewarded seemed to be the best if I split it up. You all contributed. Thank you....!

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