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Ok, I searched the knowledge base and for the most part, this question has been asked a bunch of times, but for some reason, the poster never comes back and the last answer is generally just a posting from someone saying, "Its just such a broad area, can you be more specific" or something like that, and then the OP never comes back to it.

So here is my go at it (and I promise to come back to it)

1. There is a large amount of paper that needs to be scanned to searchable PDF.  Somewhere in the vacinity of 1 million + sheets, (if you have any scanners that are quick and scan directly to searchable PDF and to a network, no client software please, then I need those suggestions too)
2. There are also emails that are in various email clients.  Origionally they were going to just print the needed ones and then scan it and then just shred the paper, since I am sure there are tons of these too, I don't really want to do this, I would rather it be able to scan a PST and just take them directly from there.
3. The other forms of electronic documents, such as PPT, excel sheets, etc. also need to go into this same thing.
4.  I do want the database to also be web accessable, so I can just push favorites into a web browser.
5. It should have some user controls, so I can allow some users to look at some things, other look at others, and some look at everything  Preferably something that will hook into AD, so I don't have to create secondary user accounts and the such in this other system.
6. SHould be able to have some rudimentary tracking system, so I can track user usage, what they checked out, when they checked it out, etc.
7 would be nice if there was also some utilities to automatically purge some documents that I can set ganullarly, so I can keep some categories for set times, like 3 years for some, 5 for others, and 10 for more.  and that sort of thing, but it isn't a deal breaker if I can't.

So far, it seems that Sharepoint will do this, but they don't want to update and collaborate, just use it as a searchable archival solution, and I am not sure how the Sharepoint server will deal with email, or if there was a plug in that can take the PST and convert them to docuements.  Because of the need to only archive, I am not sure if there are more cost effective things
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1. Creating searchable PDF requires a capture application with OCR capabilities. The best option would be ABBYY (
There are some scanners with one touch searchble PDF creation and bundled with ABBYY such as fujitsu scansnap.  (
However Selecting a scanner depends on several factors mainly the paper size. This article may help you on this (
2. Yes, SharePoint is capable of these. Using SharePoint Services (WSS3) would be enough, which is free of charge. ( ). Or you can use search server express which as also free of charge ( (but it may not provide usage tracking.)
Ref this also
3. To convert pst in to PDF, the best would be Acrobat. If you have Acrobat, you can create / append selected emails in to PDF from outlook itself. Or you may try some 3rd party tools such as message export ( - I havent tried so cannot comment on this.


Thanks for the other tips, but that scanner is too slow.  Some of the document that we are dealing are a couple hundred pages long and we have some that are almost 500 pages, such as old financial reports.

I was thinking more like this would be worth it for us.  As for paper size, for the 99% of it, it is regular letter size.  THe last 1% is either legal or some other odd size like a canceled check, but those can be dealt with as needed.

And it looks like Sharepoint is where I am headed.  It seems to do much more than what we are looking for, but I think it will work well for what we are trying to do.  As for Acrobat, thanks.  That was what I was leanging towards too, was just hoping to find a single solution instead.

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