Common.Logging and Log4Net.xml file not found issue

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Dear All,

I am using Common.Logging to do the logging function. I have a windows application, which runs ok to log. The code is as simple as:

            NameValueCollection properties = new NameValueCollection();
            properties["configType"] = "FILE-WATCH";
            properties["configFile"] = "./Log4Net.xml";

            LogManager.Adapter = new Log4NetLoggerFactoryAdapter(properties);
            ILog log = LogManager.GetCurrentClassLogger();


I think as long as that "Log4Net.xml" is under bin or bin/debug folder, it is fine.

However I also created another windows service project which will call the methods in my previous application. But this time when it goes to:

LogManager.Adapter = new Log4NetLoggerFactoryAdapter(properties);

It says "file Log4Net.xml os not found". Actually I have put that configuration file under the bin/debug folder of both 2 projects, but it still reports error.

Does anyone know actually which directory it is looking at when my windows service calling that method?

Thanks heaps!
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I guess that you need to get working directory of windows services, using statement

dir = Path.GetDirectoryName(Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location);

 properties["configFile"] = dir+"/Log4Net.xml";


Thanks Trungk43!

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