In IIS is maximum used memory for an application pool for all worker processes or each?

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I would like to know if the setting "maximum used memory" in IIS 6 for an application pool is the total of memory used by all it's worker processes or per each worker proces?

I thought it would be each, but yesterday an incident on the server made me think it's total.

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It would be for each worker process


thanks, that's also what I thought. But the incident regarding this yesterday led me to believe that it might be the total.
Do you have any online reference to back it up?
An application pool doesn't use any resources itself - the settings would apply to the worker processes.

This link is a generic overview of configuring application pools.  It lists how to configure the memory limits for a worker process, forcing it to recycle if the memory limit is reached.  The settings here would then apply to each seperate worker process:

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