"system lacked sufficient buffer space" on ashx handler

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I have the following handler "myHandler,ashx"

This is hit by a windows schedule every 30 minutes. I set this up yesterdays. But over night at some stage it failed and bought down my entire website. Here is the error on my website

"An operation on a socket could not be performed because the system lacked sufficient buffer space or because a queue was full"

I've recycled the app pool and we are back running. But i'm wondering what are best pre-cautions i can take to stop this from occuring.

See attached code, it's not all of it but will give you an idea of what i'm doing.

public static bool Import()
           return true;

       private static void DownloadXml()
           string path = HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath(ConfigHelper.GetValue("FestivalSystemsXML"));
           string url = ConfigHelper.GetValue("FestivalSystemsUrl");
           WebClient client = new WebClient();
           using (client)
               client.DownloadFile(@url, @path);

           // create _festivalsystemsArtist
           _festivalsystemsArtist = ReadXML();

           string thursdayPath = EventContentPath("Thursday");
           CreateContentFiles(thursdayPath, Thursday, Thursday.AddHours(28));
           string fridayPath = EventContentPath("Friday");
           CreateContentFiles(fridayPath, Friday, Friday.AddHours(28));
           string saturdayPath = EventContentPath("Saturday");
           CreateContentFiles(saturdayPath, Saturday, Saturday.AddHours(28));

           // Log Import

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If the error raise on webclient.DownloadFile method, I think you have to change rquest buffer size.
if you are on asp.net 2.0 try changing web.config:
if you are on asp.net 3.5, or you are calling asp.net 3.5 wcf, i think you have to change on service side acting on binding none of web.config.

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