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I setup a Draytek Vigor 2910 router on my home virgin cable broadband service and tested the VPN connection. All worked fine.
I then take the same router to my customers business where they rent office space and are given internet access from the main network in the building.
Now I can no lomger get my VPN access.
The internet works fine and we can use 'GoToMyPC' just fine too.

The guys who run the main building network swear blind that nothing is being blocked from their end.

On the WAN setup of the Vigor router we get assigned an IP address of from the buildings main network and a gateway IP address of So in theory, as nothing is being blocked, this should be a similar setup to my Virgin cable connection, right?

The router run the small office network on an IP address range of 192.168.3.?.

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the gre pakets might have been blocked from the isp side is the isp at ur home and at the coustmer place are the same ? if not check witht the coustmer's end isp
Also make sure that teh remote site that you are connecting to from the draytek has the new external IP of your router.

Remember, as you move sites with the box, it will get a new external IP for the new site, this IP needs to be passed to the other VPN endpoint otherwise it will reject the VPN negotiations.

Do you see any packets hitting the other side?  Any logs?
having spoken to another IT guy who rents space at this building he has told me the answer.

Apparently you cannot route over a 10.x.x.x address so I need to get the in-house IT people to setup a port into that office with the external IP address direct to it so that our router connects directly.

I will request this is done and confirm if it works.

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