how to get sql-server identity value from powerbuilder 11.5

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I am inserting a record on a SQL-Server 2000 table with an identity on its primary key. I want to get the value inserted on the primary key. I know I should execute this sentence:


but it doesn't work on the embedded SQL code in PowerBuilder, I get a syntax error. I tried to use SELECT @@IDENTITY FROM DUAL, where DUAL is a table which I created with a single record, but the gotten result is NULL.

I'm using OLE-DB provider for SQL-Server.
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ethier u have to create trigger or Function which is generated key number ..... i mean to say unique Key number

double ld_id

 SELECT nvl(max(<col_name>),0) + 1  into  :ld_id  FROM your_table_name

this above syntax find the max id and try to set into primary Key Column
Sorry, but this is not what I want. I need to guarantee there are not duplicated values, and this way I think it could be duplicated values if two process executes in parallel this sentence. This is why I created the filed with the identity property set on.

Also, this SELECT could get a wrong value if someone inserted between my insert and this select execution.
which database u r using???
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I'm using SQL-Server 2000, as I said on my first post.
The sqlteam link is very useful. However, is not what I'm looking for as all 3 alternatives are used in SELECTs without FROM, and this is my problem, it seems powerbuilder doesn't allow to put a SELECT without a FROM.
u can use system table... in oracle using DUAL... check in SQL Server .. i m not falimiler with SQL Server....

select ..... from dual;

I don't think there is a system table on SQL-Server. The phylosophy on SQL-Server is a little different from Oracle.
I think I need the help of a experienced powerbuilder programmer more than an SQL-Server or Database expert.
I think I could solve this issue if I can find a way to bypass SQL directly to the Database without having to pass to the PowerBuilder parser.
You have to do the insert and the @@Identity in a stored procedure and get the SP to return the value back to powerbuilder

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