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I am trying to make a multiboot ISO USB drive so I can run LiveCDs along with Windows ISOs.  For example:  I am taking a class in Linux.  I have used multiple different programs like Grub4Dos, syslinux, and can get Ubuntu to boot.  But it does not recognize the windows 7 install ISO or the Vista install ISO I have on my flash drive.  Is there a way to choose which ISO I want to boot that recognizes Windows, and Linux ISOs?  I have scowered the internet trying to find a solution to this and have found nothing.

I can set up a bootable Windows USB and bootable Linux USB separately.  But cant do it together.  I did the windows boot by using xcopy in command line and copying the files over to the flashdrive.

I would like a solution so I can choose which ISO or Windows install files I want to use so I don't have to carry lots of USB drives

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There are many tutorials on this, here is the one I used:

Once you have built it, adding new images is very simple, just
drop in the iso file and add a new section in the menu.lst file.


Thank you very much.  I was so close to getting it myself.  I just needed to edit the .lst file.

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