Missing Data Source Options, MS Visual Basic 2008 Express

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When I try to create a Data Connection in VB 2008 Express I don't have the same Data Source options as I do in Visual Web Developer 2008 Express.

The "Microsoft SQL Server" Data Source option in VWDE isn't there in VBE.  Both are loaded on the same machine as SQL Server Express 2008.  
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No IDE support for databases other than SQL Server Express and Microsoft Access


if you want to use coding ..follow the link..it helps


if you want step by step let me know..

here is the c# code ..just 3 steps


 SqlCommand myCommand = new SqlCommand("select * from tblImg1 where img_id=@img_id", conn);

            // Mark the Command as a Text
            myCommand.CommandType = CommandType.Text;

            // Add Parameters to Command (optional)
            SqlParameter img_id = new SqlParameter("@img_id", SqlDbType.Int);
            img_id.Value = ID;


            SqlDataAdapter myAdapter = new SqlDataAdapter(myCommand);
            DataSet myDataSet = new DataSet();           

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It take your point, but the name of the server I connect to using a  "Microsoft SQL Server (SqlClient)" data source in VWDE is [PC NAME]\SQLEXPRESS .  It seems odd I can't connect using "Microsoft SQL Server (SqlClient)" data source in VBE on the same machine.

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