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I have purchased a new PC with Windows 7 Pro 64 installed, no discs supplied just a hidden partition to reinstall from. I activated this using the  info on Microsoft label stuck on the side of the PC. I created a repair disc. I wanted to make system dual boot and messed up and  instead made it no boot!

I used the repair disc to start the suppliers utility / option to return the PC to factory settings, it failed. Supplier of PC says there are no recovery discs and as I have activated the OS they can't do anything other than re image the drive (and charge me a repair fee) or sell me a new OEM OS. As I am likely to do the same thing again a re imaged drive is no good.

I am about to build another PC, can I buy an OEM OS for the new PC and use it to reinstate the OS onto the PC I have messed up and use the activation code of the factory installed OS?  Seems legit as I will have paid for 2 OEM licences to use on 2 new PCs.
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Yes you can.  As for the Duel boot system you need to create 2 partition or as many partitions as you are installing operating systems.  Install the OS onto those partitions and then edit the windows bootloader to show the OSs.  Use BCDEDIT.exe in the command prompt to do this since boot.ini is not editable in windows 7 or vista.
If you have the license key, try to get some installation media for Win 7, 64 bit. Plan your dual boot installation and partitions, install the other operating system first, then install W7 (it will handle the dual boot thing).
After installation, you may need to download drivers and tools related to your model for windows 7 (and that isn't a problem)
Activate your copy of windows after installation.

>>>use the activation code of the factory installed OS  
If you're talking about the extracted code from manufacturer, then no.
You can use the number on the sticker that came with machine.
Download your iso's here 


Thanks all, I found and downloaded an ISO after reading hkunnana post.

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