Prevent auto insertion of asterisk in C-style comment block!

mrwad99 used Ask the Experts™
Ah hello.

If I enter a C-style comment block in Visual Studio (2008 pro) within a C# source file, such as this



every time I press enter between the open/close comment tags, I get each line prepended with a single '*'.  I don't want this; is there any way to turn it off?

I can't see how to do this in the options, and I can't search Google as it treats the "*" as a wildcard character...

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 I too don't want those extra '*' in every new line. but, we can't change it through any settings or snippits. because, it is designed it that way.this issue already posted as Bug to Microsoft.Hope, they won't change this as they closed all those bugs. refer the following URLs:



Thank you :)

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