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    I am running Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo), and what happens is every time I close Eclipse and then reopen it, it completely recompiles my current project. This can become annoying since it takes about 12-14 minutes to recompile. This does not happen to everyone in my group.
    Having the "Build Automatically" option checked in the "Project" menu should not matter since no files changed between closing and reopening of Eclipse.

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if you go to Project --> uncheck build-automatically,
it will not build automatically unless you do it explicitly.


Hi gurvinder372,
    While I agree that unchecking build automatically would prevent the build, this is not really the problem.
    First of all, Eclipse shoud NOT recompile sources that have not changed.
    Second, even if I uncheck "build automatically", when I finally DO make a change and then force a build manually, it will COMPLETELY rebuild the project, insted of doing just an incremental build.
 FInally, as I stated in my first message, this odd behavior does NOT happen to everyone in my group.


I expect that Eclipse uses an ant like process for building that, as you suggest, only builds when sources have changed. It may be that some other process/tool you have/use (that your colleagues do not) is 'touching' a file in your project.


Hi sailingbye,
   I actually misphrased my problem a bit. What actually happens is my ENTIRE workspace gets re-built, EVERY project in it. And this workspace has a mix of C/C++ and Java projects. So it's a real pain.
  I find it hard to believe that a file is getting touched in every project.
  It sure seems more like a global problem.

I suspect you've tried this one, but just in case; there is a preference for refreshing your entire workspace on start-up (Window > Preferences, then General > Startup and Shutdown).

Do you have any plugins that your colleagues do not have? If so, could it be that one of them is causing the problem?
Do you share project .settings with your colleagues?
Do you clean your build directory when closing?

Just thinking aloud, sorry I can't be more helpful.

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