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I've added some documents (attachments) to the calendar.  Where are these docs stored?  I'm adding them from my desktop yet I can't find them when searching outside of the calendar.  I'm having some issues of users who can see all the docs on a doc list but are unable to access the docs attached to a calendar item.

Where are they stored, SQL, or are they being pulled from my desktop when a user requests them?  Where does the item get it's permissions from; my PC (desktop folder) or from SharePoint?

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All SharePoint content is stored in the SQL SharePoint content db.

There could be numerous reason why your search can't find the documents, like the incremental crawl hasn't executed yet.

Permission of the attachment is tied to permission of the list item itself. By default the list item inherit permissions from the list which by default inherits permission from the site.

To open the attachment, the user needs to first open the list item (in this case the calendar item). On the bottom of the item, you should see an "Attachments" section.

Can you provide details on your problem? Maybe some screenshots or error messages?


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