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I operate symantec backup exec 12.5 that backs up multiple servers across the network using agents - a few of the servers have their data on a fibre attached MSA1000.

With Selective Storage Presentation I could attach the backup server to those data stores via fibre (on the MSA) and effectively back them up 'locally' over fibre rather than over the network with the agent.

The question is would this be quicker/more efficient?

My network comprises of various DL380's and 360's on stacked cisco gigabit switches.

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Greatlly faster when you can backup locally the speed difference is about twice as fast and more reliable with less change of error.
I try to backup locally as much as possible.

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With SSP if you map the same LUN to two hosts without clustering or using a shared file system you'll end up with a corrupt volume very quickly.  With some SAN storage boxes you can make a snapshot of an active LUN but the MSA1000 does not have that capacity.

Neither can you mount the LUN on a second server as "read only" because backing uo writes to the volume. You'll have to stick to network agents.

You could of course cough up for a SAN attached library, put Backup Exec on each server, install SAN shared library license and let each server backup to a shared library but that's not cheap.

You can of course script unmapping the LUN from the server, map it to the backup server, mount it under Windows, back it up and reverse the presentation again, but that's a heck of a lot of work and again if you bet it wrong and end up mounting at same time on two servers it gets corrupted. Theoretically possible but not worth it.

And it'll probably not be faster either. In other words you'll have to leave well enough alone.

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