Number of users logged into documentum app, need usernames

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Hi Experts,
I'm a c# programmer, working on a project which parses the logs of content mangement app and capture the required information.
I would like to know whether there is any log file in documentum which gives the details of user logins with timestamp....any log file(.log) not looking for an AUDIT DB. Please help me out or is there any way where documentum can automatically create a report as a log file for a given interval of time...Urgent help is required...please support me your answer moves my project forward.
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Please help me,,,i need the answer...urgent
Rsulliv1principal solution architect

Count the number of open sessions and the users associated with those sessions.


How do i do that i'm a newbie u have any idea..
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Rsulliv1principal solution architect

IDfSessionManager.getStatistics().getSessions(String <docbase>)
Then read the info from each session. Use the dfc api for class information.

You instantiate the idfsessionmanager using a DfClient & your job login credentials or you can use this.getSessionManager() from within a TBO


By doing the above..can i capture the stats into a log file..? and what about the IP address will it capture the information..
if you want to track logging via a log file use this location

D:\Documentum\dba\log\00003039\chanchal  where D:\Documentum is my installation location and chanchal is my username who logs in. This directory will contain all the user information who logs and its time stamp will be updated when he logs.

Rsulliv's solution will also work for you and it will give you IP address also (of the client who is logging in)

If you are using Documentum adminstration then in SESSION section you can get all the info.


Hey ,

Thanks for the information, i even need the ip address can u clearing explain in steps so that i will make necessary modifications...please..please
Please read this and check the attachment :------

The following flags can be set at server startup or using the SET_OPTIONS function. Most information as been obtained from The Piper release reference not , as well as the one listed below there are an additional 12b which have yet to be tested for use and functionality .

Debug - traces sessions shutdown, changed checking, launch and fork information.

Docbroker_trace - Trace Docbroker information

Lock_trace - traces Windows NT locking info

Net_ip_addr - traces IP- address of clients and server authentication

Nettrace - traces netwise call connections info

Sqltrace - Traces SQL commands sent to RDBMS

Trace_authenitication - traces authentication info

Clean - Used to purge the /common area of the server - Very useful on large systems.

NB- All tracing is sent to the server.log

The above can be set on startup example by using the "-o" flag

Dm_start_docbase -oclean






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