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My son has a couple of computers in his room.  The speed of the internet is unacceptable.
Basically, here is the  environment.
Uverse router transmit wireless to several computers in the house.  I have a laptop here in the kitchen that has good Internet response time.

However the son's computers are very slow.

Now, I have a Linksys router in the closet that I was wondering if I could hook up in the son's room, and then possiblly hook ethernet cables to the son's computers.

In other words:

Uverse router....wireless to the ....Linksys router....ethernet to son's computer

At least I could put up the router on  top of the desk and it might get better reception than the computers under a desk.  

If this is possible, do I have to install the router?  If so, where?  And How do I stop it from dhcp assigning ip addresses (given that the Uverse router is already doing this)?

I know they have range extenders but that would be an additional cost, and the router is already paid for and  sitting in my closet ready for action (after the Uverse router replaced it).


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You would need to put the router into a repeater mode somehow. Do you have the EXACT model and version? I can check if it supports repeating with standard firmware or if you need something more custom. Just putting it on top of the desk will likely not help much. If you do you would need to somehow get it to act as a wireless client of the Uverse and also disable DHCP in the Linksys software.
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You could have a look at

which has some free programs that are meant to speed up browsing. Whether they do or not is another matter :)
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You'll find some work better than others - typically by compressing data better and providing lower quality images - this is how it "increases" your speed...

Web rocket is another:
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It is a wrt54g linksys
Here is how to set it up as a repeater using DDWRT:


Problem not totally resolved but closing question

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