Does SalesLogix, DynaLink and MAS90 need more software for two way communication?

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We are currently a MAS90 user and we are upgrading our CRM to SalesLogix and planning to use Dynalink to communicate between the two.  I have one software provider telling me that it is good to go; but my current MAS90 provider (that also uses and resells) tells me that I am going to need visual integrator...
Can anyone advise me on this?  THanks.
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Let me add that I want to have two way communication...
For 2 way communication, the answer is yes you need VI. I understand what you are thinking, but you have the potential of a circular reference. If information will originate in MAS90 then go to Sales Logix and return to MAS90, what happens to the information that originates in Sales Logix, How do you resolve the conflict? This is a common database issue. One of the systems needs to be the “leader” or only return certain fields to MAS90. Have the provider that is “good to go” explain how this conflict resolution is accomplished and then have them demonstrate it to your satisfaction.

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