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I am trying to Configure VPN access on a server (2003 Standard), and have followed several articles on setting it up, but I am stuck at the phase where the services try to start.

In routing and Remote Access, when I try to start it, I get the following message:

Routing and Remote Access
An error occurred while trying to start the Routing and Remote Access service on <server name>. For more information about the error, see Event Viewer. (Right-click.... etc).

And am left with an OK button.

Clicking OK delivers the next message:

Routing and Remote Access
Routing and Remote Access cannot be started because of the following error. Please see event log for more information:

The service has returned a service-specific error code.

After checking the logs and following other articles, I have worked out that it is the Rasman service that is not working (“Remote Access Connection Manager”)

Attempting to start this service returns the following:
Could not start the Remote Access Connection Manager service on Local Computer.
Error 183: Cannot create a file when that file already exists.

At this point I am stuck and don’t know which way to turn, as there is no evidence of what file it is trying to create and searches for the error in this server turned up nothing. Any ideas?
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Jason WatkinsIT Project Leader

RRAS is trying to create a Remote Access Policy file, with the settings you have defined. A default RAP exists with every RRAS install. Why it cannot overwite this file, ??? Welcome to Windows...

MS KB article for the error;

Are you trying this operation under an administrative account.
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the MS KB article applies to W2008 in conjunction with Hebrew language pack. That's completely off-topic here.

I have found references to several causes. One is telling that you should not use the Wizard to configure RRAS, but do it manually, as the Wizard might skip some (necessary) settings like SQL Server logging.
Check for the RAS logging settings, and kill the SQL server log settings if appliable.

It might also help if you remove RRAS completely, and reinstall it, configuring without Wizard.
Jason WatkinsIT Project Leader

My apologies for the off-topic link suggestion


Thank you, not using the wizard seems to have done the trick. Thank you very much.

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