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I have W7u x64 and I have been extrating all my movies to the hard drive.  WMP plays them but when I go to my Library, on WMP which is the location My Videos, where the vobs files are located it doesnt display them.  This is probably a simple fix that I am over looking but how do I get them to show in there?
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Try decrypting the dvd and convert the vobs to mpeg then WMP will support adding tags.
Have you renamd it to mpeg?
Vobs not suitable in itself even though its another name for mpeg.
VOB stands for DVD Video Object. It is basically one of the core files found on DVD-Video discs and contains the actual movie data
How are extracting it?
If you have nero with Nero Vision use the main vobs and export to hard drive as a single mpeg
There is many tools to decrypt it and convert it.
DVD decrypter
I too am assuming that your "ripping" of the DVD is done properly and you have decrypted the DVD properly.

You should be left with a Video_TS folder right? In that you have .BUF .IFO and .VOB files.

Basically if you are wanting WMP to recognize these folders and play them like a normal DVD keeping the structure, it will not do it alone.  Forgetting your library you can always choose a VOB file and WMP will play it.

You options for WMP would be as Mecrete said to rename the .VOB files to .mpg.  The library will then recognize it.  But then you would have to create a play list of your .mpg files so that all the files for one movie play after the other.

The alternative is to turn your DVD movie structure into an .avi file.  That is one single file.  Then you will not have the above problem with playlists.  With these other containers like .avi  you can get the size of your movie to a lot less as well without loosing huge amounts of quality.

The only other option is to get into Media Centre and then into addons like Media Browser which will play your movie DVD structure.  This is a lot of work I know but the results are amazing.
Due to the Author's interesting reason's - which I have never witnessed before in this forum - I will bite and object.  I would have thought that at least one attempt at explaining why the above answers were written by "punkin heads" would be appreciated and of great value to the forum.

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