Delll 1720 printer makes loud "clicking" noise when printing more than one page

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I've had some issues with this 2-year old printer & recently replaced the rollers, thinking that had something to do with paper not feeding through.  (This was suggested by an expert because printers are yet another thing I know very little about).

The user is having trouble again.  I tried using her printer this AM & did okay with 1 or 2 sheets of different thickness.  If I try to print 10 - 20 or so of regular size paper (or the slightly thicker paper she uses for checks), the printer will make a loud clicking noise, and no paper will feed through.  I check the paper stack in the tray and nothing jams.  The stack isn't overloaded, so that doesn't seem to be an issue either.  It just clicks and won't print.

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If you have warranty, just call Dell and get it replaced :)


No such luck... naturally, these things die when the warranty expires.
The clicking noise is, most likely, the gear teeth jumping. In other words, the gears are worn. These are the plastic (usually) gears that drive the roller shafts. It will require quite a bit of disassembling to repair. I would recommend a repair shop for that. On the other hand, it could be the fuser gears, in which case, its a pricey assembly (~$150 US), but you can usually replace a fuser assembly with  just a screwdriver, and you get a whole new fuser.
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