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I'm tryign to make an encrypted, password proteced cd rom.

Instead of trying to find additional software, I have a flash drive encrypted using BitLocker and my files. Is there a way to get the encrypted files off of the the flash drive and burn them to a CD? Im hoping this will make a password protected cd.
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If you think logically, what you will do this right. This would work because you encrypt files and only transport one unit.
The problem is software. I do not know how it works exactly because the encryption can be done by the place where it is located or more variants.

But I could bet that if you do, your files are encrypted correctly.
Just be missing that could open your files later.
You can do a test if you like.
Good luck!


Sorry there hasnt been any update. I havent been able to find a program that will make a copy of the USB drive so I can burn to the CD which is the main point of my question. Any software suggestions?
Oh....!! you can use the "Norton Ghost" to back up specific files.
You can also recover files if you wish.
You can have your trial software in case you want to test.

As if I think that's your question.
By the way this program supports Windows 7


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