10Mb LES slow ... could it be Cisco 1841 router issue?

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We have just had a couple of sites upgraded to 10Mb leased lines (UK) with Cisco 1841 routers installed. The internet bandwidth is VERY slow ... speed tests show 1Mb down and 0.01Mb up.

Could this be a router issue or more to the point, a router config issue? 2 sites both with the same problem - the only difference is the config IP details pertaining to the 2 sites.

We have 3 other sites just received 2Mb LES too and also with the same routers, but the presentation is E1 (serial) with HDLC encapsulation. These are all okay - operating with 2Mb down & up. The configs are pretty much the same apart from the IPs and that these have E1 cards for the outside interface and not FastEthernet.

The routers are brand new ... supplied in 2010, so I would guess the IOS is at lastest or near as dammit.


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It's likely a configuration issue; the 1841 is more than capable of doing 10 Meg if you're not doing a lot of QoS or VPN stuff.

But, it could be a provisioning problem in the network, too...

Are there any errors on the links. What is the CPU utilisation of the router?

please post

show interface
show processes cpu

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it is an isue if you enabled deep QOS... could you show us the config?

Ded you set all ports to 100M full duplex?


Accepted this as the most accurate answer ... sorry for the delay in responding all.

The answer was discovered prior to seeing any posted comments.

The answer is: outside interface port must be configured with 10 Mb Full Duplex (10 Mb circuit) ... this was the configuration on the 'other end' that we accidentally discovered from the ISP.



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